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Proven Online Advertising for Home Improvement Professionals

We provide Online Advertising services for our Clients for all their home improvement services.  Our dedicated team knows that there is always a need for homeowners to contact contractors about their various home projects.  We are that vital connection here at All Around the Home.  With online advertising rising at a steady rate, don’t be the last one to join the digital era.

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All Around the Home caters to a variety of different clients.  We work one on one with smaller local contractors who have a very selective service area as well as with large home improvement lead re-sellers, and everything in between.

Large Scale Home Improvement Lead Generation

Here at AATH we have successfully  managed lead generation campaigns for our large scale clients.  May it be a nationwide company looking for leads across the United States or an affiliate program with another home improvement lead company, we know what it takes to drive in large amounts of high quality leads. 

Personal Campaigns For Local Contractors

With so many forms of advertising it can be tough deciding which mediums to use, and which to pass on.  Undoubtedly the most important factor when considering adverting is your return on investment (ROI).  You want the most bang for your buck, and online advertising can do just that.  Lets look at the various advertising mediums:







Short life; poor reproduction quality; small pass-along audience

$1,300 per week for 2”x2” ad


High absolute costs; high clutter; fleeting exposure; less audience selectivity

$1,500+ for one 30-second commercial (including: shooting, editing, and placement)

Direct mail

Relatively high cost per exposure; “junk mail” image

$1,500 for 1,000 4x6 postcards (includes postage)


Audio only, fleeting exposure; low attention (the half-heard” medium); fragmented audiences

$110 - $220 per 15-30 second spot (prices higher if time slots for ad are selective)


Long ad purchase lead time; high cost; no guarantee of position

$1,200 to $5,000 per month or per issue (depends on ad size and demographics)

Online with AATH

High selectivity; low cost; immediate tracking availability; interactive capabilities

Much less, see below...

As you can see, online advertising not only costs less, but allows you to instantly track your campaigns success, make changes, and accurately target the audience you want.


Now you are probably thinking, can I afford to do online advertising?  The real question you should be asking yourself is, can I afford NOT to do online advertising?  We don’t work on a per-lead basis like every other online lead service does.  We also don’t sell our leads to five contractors at one time, leaving it up to them to battle it out for the job.  Simply put, we give our clients quality one-to-one leads which convert at a much higher rate than our competitors. 

Remodeling & Exterior (Monthly)

Advertising Plans for Remodeling & Exterior Services range from $350 to $1,500 per month for local packages.  Package prices are determined by the number and type of categories as well as the regions that your company is listed in, and include unlimited leads and a custom personal profile page (logo, company information, customer testimonials, pictures, etc.).


Home Additions



Windows & Door
Decks & Sunrooms
Patios, Driveways,
  & Concrete


General Services

General Contracting


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Other Home Services (Yearly)

Rates for other home services (excluding remodeling anad exterior services) range from $500 to $2,500 per year.  This includes unlimited leads and a custom personal profile page (logo, company information, customer testimonials, pictures, etc.). 



Home Services

Cleaning & Maid
General Contracting


Basement Waterproofing
Carpet & Floors


  * We do require a three month commitment from all of our clients.  This is to ensure that you see the benifits and results we can bring you with all of the personal online advertising tactics outlined below.

Total Online Marketing (TOM)

Total Online Marketing is an investment in your company's website success as well as your lead generation campaign with us.  TOM will make your site improve in local internet searches by adding web credibility by link building and site association throughout the industry.  We will feature your company in press releases, industry blogs, and forums.  This creates links back to your site which make the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) give your site more strength.  The efforts we put forth for your site will create greater long term benefits than any standard blind lead generation company.

Web marketing takes two main things, promotion and time.  We plant the promotional seeds when a company starts with us and consistently grow that campaign in the client's area through various web marketing strategies.  Each strategy that we complete takes between 2 and 5 weeks to affect the campaign. Our efforts substantially boost the long term success of your lead generation campaign with us as well as your web site's local search engine success.



Each client is issued a seperate password to allow them access to our Campaign Management Website.  This allows you to view all of your current and past leads.  Helping you organize your leads, and increase your closing percentage.

Screenshot from Client Administration Page


Cost Effective

Your package price is a small investment, in several cases, compared to other lead sources.  Any other source will sell a lead that they also sell to four or five other contractors.  They sell that lead for $15 - $75 (depending on the service type) to each company and therefore gain up to $450 on each lead.  The only way for the contractor to close that lead is to be the first one or two companies (out of the group) to reach that home owner.  For 10 leads in one month a home contracting company would pay up to $750 for leads of much lesser quality that close at a much lower rate because racing to offer the homeowner the cheapest price as fast as possible.  

Quality of Leads

We are promoting YOUR COMPANY specifically.  As opposed to a blank form that a homeowner fills out and submits.  Each homeowner reads about your company, they learn your company's name, they see pictures from your work, they read your company's bio.  If they like what they read about you, they specifically request to be contacted by your company and therefore they expect a call from a rep from your company.  Consequently, the chances of getting an appointment and closing a deal are much greater and easier than with other lead services.  We design and implement an online advertising campaign just for you, which time after time has proven to bring our clients high quality leads for a fraction of the price of our competitors.

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